Online Reputation Management

You know you have a business when you get sued and or get a terrible review. It has to do with human nature, when you do great by a client you hear nothing. Get some one upset and all of the sudden the anger inside them gives them an energy rush. All of the sudden you appear in ripoff reports, on Yelp, Google and the damage is done. You reputation has been damaged, the cost to your brand will be high. At Orange Snowman we can minimize or all together burry this negative information so that is very hard to find. When you have a purpose for each page, it is also known as a call to action. There is always a reason for every item that you post on your website, whether you are adding engaging posts to get people to subscribe to your newsletter, or if you are listing stunning photographs of your merchandise to make sales.

These videos are an attempt to show our the know-how necessary and the tools we have available to overcome your online challenges.

Guard your Online Reputation!

Negative reviews will destroy your brand and will cost you many sales, it may even cost you your business. Often we see these negative comments on top of Google results, they destroy trust and stump your company's growth. Did you know that 95% of consumers research your name and brand before considering the purchase of pretty much anything? Once they are considering a company they search the name of the CEO, owner, or brand name and if they find any dirt about you it is game over for you. Unfortunately, this doesn't only happen to businesses, whether you are an athlete, celebrity, manager, or an average person, you are still subject to digital dirt. Fortunately, there is something that can be done about all of these problems. You need to take control and clean your name, but here is the big challenge: it is impossible to remove the dirt from the internet, there is no delete button. We have no control over the websites that are posting this information. However, because of our SEO experience, we can bury this information in the back of new information that we can outrank the old one. All the dirt they wrote about you it is very hard to find.

What needs to happen in order for your Online Reputation to be restored?

Because we have a good understanding of how Google works, we have a great chance at influencing the results it displays. Search engines like Google reserve the top places to information that has: quality, variety, freshness, and trust. This type of information is adapted quickly and given a top spot, old, untrusted information gets demoted and sent to the very bottom. If you want to control the results for your product, name or brand you need a content marketing strategy. Why do we need to do this? Because if we do not present new, original, quality content, more trusted content, there is no effective way of replacing the information they currently are displaying. Our new content needs to overtake the dirt that is already there.

Our online reputation strategy to remove digital dirt:

  1. We identify the information that needs to be suppressed to have a better understanding of the work that will be involved
  2. We assess create a roadmap
  3. We take action
We have lots of online tools specializing in establishing a dominance of local directories and social media platforms
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