Personal Branding for Visionary Artist

Jill Karlin is a multi-disciplinary 21st century renaissance woman

Jill has had an incredible life and career, one that must be documented and become available to all. 

The goal of our efforts will be to bring her message to more people who can appreciate and use her knowledge and talent.

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JILL KARLIN- The Dolphin Dream

Many years ago Jill had a website that attempted to capture her life-long efforts in a website called “the dolphin dream“, I was able to find in way-back-machine. The subject of her expired website included:

  1. Ekotecture- visions of sustainable home
  2. Fine Art- We will create an online portfolio in which people will have the opportunity to buy or commission one of her artworks. The trajectory of her life and career will be highlighted.
    JILL KARLIN, VISIONARY ARTIST: by Dr Lasha Darkmoon 
  3. Yoga
  4. Nutrition
  5. Videos
  6. Poetry
  7. The Dolphin Dream Store- merchandise the dream new! 

The website I will be designing with her will encompass this subject.

Dolphin dream logo


Ekotecture is defined as the functional integration of architecture, utility engineering and agriculture with the forces of nature (gravity geothermal, solar) within a single building, neighborhood design, eliminating mechanical systems, fuel consumption, maintenance, pollution and human labor.

“In 1985 Lee Porter Butler drew the first ARK, the vessel to safeguard human life. Together Lee and Jill embarked upon their mission to bring this information to their fellow humans, with the goal of providing safe, affordable, luxurious, beautiful, sustainable homes which take nothing from earth, air, water, and put nothing into the earth, air, water, while sustaining life no matter what the external conditions, like earthquake, flood, fire, tsunami, hurricane, or even unsafe conditions due to man, like anthrax, or nuclear.”

Where to start?

  1. To begin we will start with a brand positioning statement which will help us clarify our intentions, wishes and will align our minds.
  2. We need to get access to all of her domains
  3. Collect the content we want to include
  4. Orange Snowman will create an account in our eco-friendly server. We will install WordPress as our content management system
  5. OS will install the necessary software: woocommerce, Elementor Pro, SEO plugin, social sharing, analytics, contact options…
  6. The website will also include a BLOG section in which the artist can keep her fans updated
  7. OS will integrate her Facebook Page and other Social Media accounts such as Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.
  8. Usually I estimate 30 days to get the project done, but in this case I think 60 is more realistic since we are going to do the strategy as well as the production

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