It is a fact that new legal cases play a crucial role in helping personal injury lawyers become better. The thing is, how can you get more clients, and how can you practice with new legal cases without having a lot of money towards your marketing expenses?

Local SEO for a Personal Injury Attorney, Why Is It Important?

There are a lot of reasons why search engine optimization plays a crucial role, and some of these are:

  • Google search runs 24/7
  • You’ll get pre-qualified and warm leads. This means that people reaching out to you are already interested in your legal services
  • Did you know that you’ll get a higher percentage of your ROI when it comes to
  • SEO marketing, compared to all the other online marketing strategies?
  • SEO doesn’t rely on advertisements
  • Gets your brand name out there
  • Search engine optimization, combined with the right type of ads, such as Google AdSense, you’ll get high-quality clicks

Analyzing the top Medical Malpractice keywords

shocked business man at the price of advertisign in Google
When you look at the price of advertising in Google and see what you get for your hard-earned money, you will see why our SEO services make so much more sense.

Top 10 Medical Malpractice Keywords 

  1. Medical malpractice
  2. Medical malpractice lawyers
  3. Medical malpractice law
  4. Attorney for medical malpractice
  5. Medical malpractice attorneys
  6.  Medical malpractice lawyer near me
  7. Lawyers for medical malpractice near me
  8. Attorney for medical malpractice near me
  9. Medical malpractice attorney near me
  10. Malpractice lawyer

Personal Injury SEO Defined

Performed by a digital marketer skilled in ranking websites in search engines through specific keywords or search phrases that potential customers may look for in Google, personal injury lawyer SEO is considered to be one of the best marketing campaigns out there because it is long-term. The process is both performed on the technical and creative side of website optimization and creation. This means that specific settings will be done on the backend of the website, alongside creative content creation, with keywords that are optimized for search engines.

Generally speaking, there is a wide variety of marketing options that are made available to personal injury lawyers, and even other companies in general for them to grow their business. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Billboards
  • Yelp
  • TV Ads
  • Bus Bench Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Online Legal Directories
  • Word of Mouth / Referrals
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
While there could be a wide range of options, bear in mind that not all of these strategies offer the same value. There’s no denying that the “traditional” marketing methods break the bank. The cost per lead is soaring high, with inconsistent results. In short, traditional advertising and marketing strategies can be considered a waste of resources. Alternatively, using SEO strategies for all types of businesses, including personal injury law firms gives you the advantage of being able to reach out to your targeted audience. This lets you target people who require your service. Let me give you a typical example of how a future client may find you: Your potential client heads out for work – in a rush to drop off his kids to school, and while on the way, he got hit by a truck and suffers an injury. What would that person immediately do? He’d definitely not look for a Yellow Pages, but instead, he takes out his phone and searches for a personal injury attorney within the area. This is what Google refers to as the zero moment of truth or ZMOT.

No More Cold Leads

We call someone a “warm” lead when they’re the ones that are already in need of your services. As of this moment, there’s no other marketing strategy that pre-qualifies leads just like how search engine optimization does. All of your potential clients are considered to be pre-qualified or warm leads because they’re already looking for the type of legal service you’re offering. Just think of this strategy as personally handling business cards in the hospital, but better. According to studies, search engines are considered to be the top places future clients visit whenever they require legal services.

One of the best things about search engine optimization is that the marketing strategy doesn’t stop. A potential lead may pull up Google and look for your services at 2 in the morning, which is something that you can fully utilize. Compared to all of the other marketing strategies listed above, SEO is considered to be the best strategy that delivers results at a fraction of the cost.

The True Value of Search Engine Optimization

With the previous charts shown above, it simply shows that organic traffic plays a crucial role. What’s the value of an average case you’d take? How about a bigger one? Compare that cost versus the amount that you’d spend if you’ve decided to generate more traffic from Google Ads. When you check Google Ads for personal injury related keywords, you’ll see that the cost per click ranges between $80 to $200, or even more! This simply shows how much a lead is worth, and it is a simple way of showing you that the personal injury lawyer niche is a competitive one.

Personal Injury Lawyer: Achieving Success Through SEO

Each SEO campaign has various components to make it successful, but here are the 2 key areas for search engine optimization – the traditional and local SEO.

photos on Google My Business are a very important source of traffic Photos on Google My Business are a very important source of traffic.

Local SEO

Local SEO is ranking a specific service or company within the local area it is located. Google search will show local SEO results like so: personal-injury-local-SEO-results.

Local SEO or 3-pack SEO relies on a wide range of variables. Some of the variables are below, though take note that it may or may not include everything as there’s a wide list of factors to be taken into consideration to rank a website locally. Instead, these are the essential variables that are mainly used on local SEO for personal injury lawyers and related niches. An in-depth explanation of Local SEO can be found here.


As mentioned earlier, when ranking a personal injury attorney website through local SEO, the office’s location plays an important role. Google has its own way of distinguishing cities and towns. With that being said, if you’re ranking for “Los Angeles”, for instance, your office should be located in Los Angeles. If your law office isn’t situated in LA, no matter how much effort you put into your SEO strategies, getting high rankings in Google for the city is nearly impossible. This is an important thing to take into consideration, most particularly to those who are new in the industry.

I’ve talked about this particular issue with my colleagues and even talked about it in various online marketing conferences. Surprisingly, the majority of these offices aren’t situated in the city that they’re ranking – and that’s now how Google works. It’s either you target a different location, where your office is situated, or move to a different office.

Updated Name, Address, and Phone number

Staying consistent with your law firm’s contact information most importantly its name, address and phone number plays a crucial role in ranking your website. Your information should be the same on all pages on the web.

Google doesn’t just crawl your website – it also gathers information from Superpages, Yelp, or any other legal directories to validate your location. This is their way of checking whether the information you’ve provided is accurate and true. When Google crawls other directories and sees that the information is different from what’s indicated in the site, it should be consistent. Google ranks websites that have accurate and consistent information, to make sure that they offer quality search results to their searchers or users.

For Established Law Firms: Things To Consider

If you have an established law firm, it’s possible that your NAP (name, address, phone) may have inconsistent information. Looking for those that have inconsistencies, hiring an experienced agency is something you can do to have it cleaned up. Skipping this step stops you from getting Google local pack rankings.

Traditional SEO

Traditional search engine results are the ones that can be found below the local 3-pack Google results that we’ve discussed above. Ranking a website for certain keywords may be based on variables different from what is being used in local SEO. Website and page authority, quality content, keywords, links, website architecture, relevancy are some of the common factors overlapping between traditional and local SEO, and we’ll discuss some of these factors below. (We have a comprehensive guide on Ranking Your Website on Google’s Page One for a list of methodologies.)

Website Content

High quality, relevant content is important to your website. It comes in various forms – could be textual content, videos, images, infographics, and/or a combination of these. Technically speaking, your website content is one of the major factors that Google takes into consideration to rank your website.

Bear in mind though, that you shouldn’t just put “any” content on your website. It needs a data-driven strategy that provides the searcher answers to what he/she is searching for. Never produce content, just because your site needs content. Writing a simple 500-word article, injected with a few keywords here and there won’t make your site rank well. It used to work, but trying this strategy today won’t do your site any good. Ranking better in Google research takes more effort than a simple bunch of 500-word articles. Google’s algorithms have evolved and it takes into consideration other factors rather than the word count and the keywords used within that page.


Instead of bombarding your page with content that’s filled with keywords, and effective personal injury SEO campaign focuses on a “keyword theme”, and not just a set of set keywords. Google has become smarter and aims to deliver high-quality results based on whatever the searcher is typing in the search bar. In short, Google wants to deliver results that will answer their queries. What are the common questions people in your niche might be looking for? Does your content answer these questions directly, and can they find that information on your website? Yes – keyword research is still crucial in this process, but you have to step out of the typical keyword phrase and use alternative key phrases to deliver the best results.

Analyzing to Nursing Home Injury keywords

Content Clusters

Defined as an SEO strategy that aims in organizing your content based on a similar topic. Think of this as book chapters. If you were the author of a book that talks about vehicular accidents, one chapter would be dedicated to cars, another chapter for trucks, and so on. While all of these topics may talk about vehicular accidents, they are sub-categorized. This doesn’t just help people navigating your site find whatever they’re looking for, but this also helps a search engine understand your site’s content. In fact, this is one factor that Google also takes into consideration when deciding whether a site is authoritative or not.

Other than adding content that’s related to each other, some other technical factors to consider may involve organizing those silos and making sure that they are implemented well on the website. For instance, URL structures, menu structures, sitemaps and even internal linking.


Search Engine Optimization is considered to be one of the most essential online marketing strategies that you can use in terms of promoting your personal injury law firm.

The majority of people these days use their smartphones – not just for the typical communications, but this is now utilized for searching for information and accessing tons of data from the web. Some studies even suggest that a regular person checks his/her mobile phone up to 150 times in a single day.

SEO is a great strategy for capturing warm leads. Is your webpage ranked in Google to capture these leads already wanting to pay for your services? We have a comprehensive SEO plan that could help you and your law firm to grow new legal cases and get the exposure that your law firm needs. With extensive years of law firm marketing experience, we can help you grow your practice by improving your search engine ranking position, proven by the Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association putting us on the list of the best marketing agencies.

Keywords we are to target:

  • Nursing home injury lawyers
  • Nursing home negligence attorneys
  • Nursing home malpractice lawyers

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