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Website Design- Start-up fee

We will create a responsive website using WordPress, the most popular way to build responsive websites. Please provide us with some samples of sites you like.

    1. Pages: as needed, there is no limit as to how many pages your site can have
    2. Website Optimization: on-page optimization to your targeted keyword phrases
    3. User Interfaces (UI): banners, image galleries, carousels, pop-ups and other tools used in the enrichment of the customer experience
    4. Stock Photography: you have access to thousands of high-quality stock images
    5. Plugins: they add functionality to your website, SEO, schedules, click to call, forms
    6. Analytics: your site will have this data as soon as you enter the back-end of your website (the dashboard)
    7. Responsive Design: We test your site against the most popular display specs for desktop, laptop, tablet to achieve optimal reading conditions.

responsive website illustration


Payment Terms

  • 1/3 to start
  • 1/3 when the design has been approved
  • 1/3 when the site has been launched and is live

The website will be developed in a private server, once it has been approved we will point your domain name to the new site.

Projected timeline

The site should take 30-25 days, if there will be a delay we must communicate and agree to the arrangement


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