Designer Etiquette

At Orange Snowman, we like to treat our clients the same way we like to be treated, and act like the top-notch designers that we are!

In our everyday actions, we strive to:

  • Be careful with our words
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Don’t assume
  • Keep an open mind
  • We always do our best!

Things we do to nurture our client/designer relationship:

  1. We are attentive listens, this helps us learn about the brand, the competition, their business model, and other insights.
  2. We keep our clients in the loop, this helps our clients gain a better understanding and appreciation of the design process.
  3. In Case of Emergencies, we always stay connected with our clients by text or email.
  4. Developing Healthy Boundaries, sometimes saying “No” is the necessary answer. Orange Snowman will not accept any plan variation that is not mutually beneficial and agreed upon by both parties in writing. Accepting lap-sided ideas often leads to frustration, resentment, and substandard work!

Client Etiquette

Great work, at an excellent value, usually requires a bit of understanding and patience, so a little empathy goes a long way!

What can clients do to make their designers happy and their projects more successful?

  1. Don’t arbitrarily change an agreement, there is nothing less professional than that.
  2. Pay on time, designers like to work on projects and not chase after clients.
  3. Give prompt and mindful feedback, no designer can work out of a vacuum.
  4. Be upfront, if you don’t like the way something is going say it, don’t wait until the last moment to reveal “how you really feel”.
  5. If you see a mistake give the designer a chance to fix it, making a mistake is a human trait, it does not mean we don’t care. Today may be the designer made a mistake, tomorrow it will be your turn, and when that happens the memory of how you treated the designer will come back to hunt you.
  6. Show some enthusiasm and support for the project and back it up with actions.
  7. Do not be over-critical of a designer’s work that isn’t even the final product yet, ideas should always be welcomed.
  8. Don’t feel entitled, keep in mind that you are not the only client, and you shouldn’t expect to be their number one priority at all times.