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Responsive Website Designer

Were you aware of the fact that mobile phones make up over 50% of website traffic?

Google changed its algorithm for SEO rankings in early 2016 so that now mobile-friendly websites are given higher ranks than desktop-only sites. Responsive sites are mobile-friendly sites. There are many different ways for websites to interact and look good on the small screens of tablets and mobile phones. In the past, the only way to do this was to have a totally separate website – one that was for desktop computers and one that was for mobile. However, problems were created by having two websites whenever changes needed to be made since they had to be made in two different places. Users were also frustrated when viewing a site from their mobile device since they were not able to do everything they wanted to on the website using the mobile version.

Using responsive design is a trend that is here to stay

It is a fluid way of laying your website elements out so that no matter how the screen is resized, it looks good without having to sacrifice important website functions. Content updates do not need to be done on multiple websites since there is only one website that is used for both desktop and mobile. We develop only responsive websites. They look great at all times on each screen size. It also helps to ensure that all of the websites that we design age well over time.
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