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Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results

Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results 1

Logo ideas for Solis Roofing

Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results 2

We recreated their lost logo art.

Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results 3

Roofing Contractors Local SEO Launch!

As usual, we try to determine which keywords make the most sense for us to target. Our client provides roofing services on The Treasure Coast, with offices in West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie. 

To get an idea of how competitive is the market place, we have done out typical analysis, I was shocked at how much Google charges these companies.


how much google charges


Kick-starting a Local SEO can have unexpected difficulties, but they all can be solved with a little patience.

We have created 2 Google My Business Directories, one in PSL and one in WPB. Below you can see the new account, less than a month old.

kick-starting a local SEO campaign

The Port St. Lucie account is about 3 months old and is getting lots of exposure even though we have problems with Google; apparently someone had registered another company in the same address and now when we go to the Google My Business account, without the exception to the insight pages, there is no access to updating any of the information.

I have been trying to get Google to help us solve this problem, but they seemed to be dragging their feet, legs, and torso!

psl google my business insights

Website Design for Roofers

The website keeps growing and expanding, we won’t stop until the site becomes an authority on the subject of roofing, it will take lots of articles and on-page optimization, but we will get there. Main characteristics of the website include:

  1. video background for the hero section
  2. a “why us?” section
  3. on-site job slideshow
  4. a table of contents, ideal for SEO of website pilar pages
  5. roofing videos
  6. FAQs
  7. Lates blog section (not shown here)
  8. Google reviews
  9. contact us form

You may be thinking, why these pages have to be so long? The reason these We would love to just put some images together have our site come up on the top of the search engines, but things don’t work like that anymore.

The new SEO is not so much reliant to keywords, instead it looks for cluster topics, here a video that explain this new SEO estrategy:

We are also creating landing pages for the specific cities we are targeting in the Treasure Coast, here is the header for West Palm Beach:

Our on-page optimization software provides us with an amazing array of tools that help us arrange content in the most optimal way.

Optimizing The HomeAdvisor Directory

January 3, 2020
HomeAdvisor is a digital marketplace formerly known as ServiceMagic. Its aim is to connect homeowners with prescreened, local service professionals to carry out home improvement, maintenance and remodeling projects HomeAdvisor incorporates home improvement project planning resources like True Cost Guide, where customers can view average project costs. It is free to homeowners, and a paid network for service professionals. According to the company, professionals registered on HomeAdvisor network are prescreened and must pass criminal and financial background checks

I need to add reviews, extend a deal and to add Green Certifications.

I have asked permission to request a review

This is a preview of the template used to make the rating review request.

This is the form to extend a deal to the public, I will also need the client to be involved in this.

I have incorporated the available seals to the site.

Monitoring Local SEO Results in Tequesta

Monitoring Local SEO Results in Port St Lucie

It is a good thing to have Google recommend that you search for the name of my client!

My Roofing Website SEO score 2/22/2020, it was not easy. To do SEO you have to have an analytical mind and lots of patience. To get to these numbers is easy, depending on the keywords you are selecting. The website is technically and strategically optimized.

The pages that we have done so far.

Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results 7
Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results 8
wpb seo results

Drastic Improvement of the SEO Analysis

Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results 9
link building campaign for roofing company

Local Directory Marketing

Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results 10
Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results 11
Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results 12

July Report: great local marketing numbers

We have been preparing for this, during the rainy season in Florida is when people find out they have a roof problem. We have 2 directories, you are seeing PSL. The WPB directory got about half of PSL, not bad either.

Link Building Campaign

link building online marketing campaign

Amazing Local SEO Results for 10/6/2020

Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results 14
Roofing Contractor Local SEO Results 15
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