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A social marketing campaign is designed to use multiple social media networks to publish promotional materials. The focus of these efforts is to reach a specific target audience. A social media marketing campaign can vary greatly depending on intensity of the focus given to a specific channel.

> Facebook

Is where your clients are, you need to be there to remind them of what you do.

> YouTube

No one wants to read, who has the time or energy to read, people get bored easily.

> Instagram

Lots of quality content with way less noise than Facebook.

> Pinterest

It's like being in a visual candy store, a place to be visually inspired.

Social Media Marketing

If you have a website or business but you have yet to engage in a social media marketing campaign or strategy, you’re laving a lot of potential business on the table. Over 95 percent of internet marketers rely upon social media alone these days. There is simply too much potential for growth to remain too stubborn to jump on board. Even so, there are still quite a few people that only look at social media networks at a glance, only to take their potential for granted. One of the overarching truths of any business venture has always been that you must adapt to survive.

Social Media Marketing

SMM has become an integral part of marketing your business. Now more than ever, people are joining social media sites, so we must go to where our customers are. A website is seen as separate from Social Media Marketing, we have the remedy for that, by integrating your website with your Facebook , Google+, Pinterest, Instagram Flickr, YouTube and more…

Follow Me, to Where Your Clients Are

I know what you are thinking, “who cares about what you had for lunch, I don’t see the value of SMM”. But please hear me out, A strong social media marketing strategy offers an amazing chance for engagement with your audience. Social Media platforms encourage interaction and sharing, allowing your audience to become something of an organic street team to help spread the word about what you have to offer. By simply remaining active and posting about your business’ latest goings-on, you’ll also be sure to always remain fresh in the minds of your fans. Because there are so many social media profiles it can be easy to ignore some platforms over the others. Orange Snowman can help you manage and oversee your social media profiles and overall campaign. Quality is still king over quantity, make sure the content that ends up on your social media accounts is of high enough value to your consumers. It has to be entertaining or engaging, but also informative.

Social Media Marketing Creates Brand Loyalty

Research has strongly suggested that the brand recognition garnered from social media campaigns easily shifts into brand loyalty. People can grab a sandwich anywhere, but of course, they’re going to be more likely to give the store with the best marketing their business over any others, and that kind of connection ends up running quite deep. Many of the old tenants of marketing and advertising hold true online; the amazing thing about social media, however, is that you’ll end up with an audience that actually willingly takes in your marketing materials rather than merely being inundated with it against their will (i.e. traditional commercials or print ads). Social media marketing provides a high conversion rate. These days, more and more people have their attention focused on their phones and other mobile devices. A great portion of people with smart devices also has social media accounts that they check all throughout the day. This gives you the opportunity to earn an incredibly high conversion rate, especially since it will humanize your business and make it easier to relate to. Consumers aren’t as interested in helping out a seemingly nameless corporation. If people have a feel of where you’re coming from on a personal level, however, that connection will then inspire them to continue keeping up with what you have to offer, and also share it with everyone else.

Social media marketing get’s you targeted traffic. ​

Traffic is always the name of the game when it comes to the internet. It is crucial to digital marketing in particular. Your website is going to essentially be lost in the shuffle and exists for little to no reason if you aren’t making sure that people are finding their way to it on a regular basis. A regular social media presence is one of the best active means of promoting your content. SMM helps your SEO. Social Media and SEO work hand in hand, they complement and enhance each other. It is essential that your website rank as highly as possible on search results related to your content, and having a strong social media presence on all of the major platforms are crucial to achieving this goal. SEO experts lean heavily on social media to help them cast the widest possible net when it comes to promoting any given website. More social media activity and interaction means more inbound clicks and high-value links! You’ll then be able to prove your website’s legitimacy and worth in the eyes of the search engine algorithms. As a result, more people will find your site organically as they browse the web. And when you use your website to promote your social media and vice versa, you’ll have a strong cycle of promotion that is always feeding on and supporting itself!

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