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The Client is Always Right

You have no idea how many times I have heard the client say to me. "the client is always right!", it's a very popular maxim that happens to be dead wrong. Take a look at the following, as I am trying to recreate a typical scenario in which I prove into the the thoughts of all the characters involved.

What's in the mind of the designer?​

“I will fulfill the requirements and then you will pay me.”

“The client has money but no good taste, however, I need to pay my mortgage, so here we go again!”

“It’s tacky but I got the site approved.”

“I need content, but the client is too busy to call me back and acts angry if I press, I will make it up as best as I can.”

What's in the mind of the client?

“Make me a website with the colors of the University of Florida, go Gators!”

“Then I want to talk about myself and all my achievements.”

“I need to get my website to be #1 that is why I hired an SEO website design guy.”

“I am extremely busy so don’t count on me getting you any feedback.”

“I hope this web guy has experience in my field or I’m going to have to fire him.”

“He better double his efforts or it’s over for him.”

What's in the mind of the customer?

“I see the site looks like UF colors, I graduated from University of Miami, go Hurricanes!”

“Let’s see what else is out there.”

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