The Customer is King

The Customer is King always right UX persona

To me "The Customer is King" is the right approach, even when the client tells me the "The Designer Knows Best", I try to get out of my own skin and use my empathy powers to really solve the problem. You see, I believe that in our everyday life we have the power to influence people for the better.

What's in the mind of the client?

“This exercise has opened my eyes, now I am more aware of my customers and what there needs are.”

“I now realize the effect my service plays in making someone else’s life a little bit more pleasant.”

“This gives meaning to the service we provide. I like feeling good about going to work!”

What's in the mind of the designer?​

“The site is very nice, it anticipated my needs and it answered my questions effortlessly.”

“I see they offer financing, a good thing because things are tight.”

“When I called, the people seemed to be caring and professional.”

“What a delightful experience.”

“I like these guys, they got themselves a new customer!”

What's in the mind of the customer?

“I the designer are not the customer.”

“I don’t know much about the industry but everything I need to know I can obtain form my cooperative client.”

“I sketch before I do.”

“Now I can work less and achieve more.”

“I am making more money, I got me a great client!”

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