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The Designer Knows Best

The designer is always right UX

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Many times I have clients that tell me, Federico "the designer knows what is best". The thing is I am not the customer, I don't have the experience that the client has about his/her business, so unless I have years of experience doing what the client is doing, I do not know what is best.

What's in the mind of the client?

“Hope this guy knows what he is doing.”

“I get a lot of compliments from my site.”

“I can see my site is on top of the search engines, that’s good.”

“OK I get calls, but no as many as I need. Something is wrong with the designer.”

“If sales don’t increase I’m gonna have to fire this guy!”

What's in the mind of the designer?​

“How will this project look in my portfolio? Maybe I can win an ADDY Award for coolest site?”

“My local marketing is taking effect, I can see my client on the top of Google results.”

“My stats are great, the site is getting traffic, the client must be thrilled.”

“Client is Upset, what else does he want? 

“I told him the site needed more content and he tells me to concentrate on SEO, and not the site!”

What's in the mind of the customer?

“The website looks nice, but the prices seem a bit high and there are no finance options like with the “other guys”.

“Let me look somewhere else.”

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