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The Sage

The Truth Will Set You Free

This archetype is a seeker of wisdom, knowledge, and truth. They are known as well as teachers, mentors, thinkers, researchers, advisors, scholars, or experts. They not only want to deeply understand the world but to share their understanding with other people as well.

  • The Sage are lifelong learners that love to have philosophical conversations and express their knowledge.
  • The Sage is best personified by Yoda from Star Wars.
  • The core desire of the Sage is the discovery of the truth.
  • They are afraid of being misled or duped and ignorance.

The Sage archetype in branding is best used for:

  • Consultancies
  • Universities and Schools
  • News Networks

A Sage brand may aim to celebrate lifelong learning or show the path towards wisdom. To connect with customers, education is emphasized as the path towards wisdom and the answers lie in wisdom. The Sage archetype is used by such famous brands as:

  • MIT
  • CNN
  • Google- now the largest online encyclopedia in the world where you can find information and answers on any topic within seconds
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