The Truth Will Set You Free

This archetype is a seeker of wisdom, knowledge, and truth. They are known as well as teachers, mentors, thinkers, researchers, advisors, scholars, or experts. They not only want to deeply understand the world but to share their understanding with other people as well.

  • The Sage are lifelong learners that love to have philosophical conversations and express their knowledge.
  • The Sage is best personified by Yoda from Star Wars.
  • The core desire of the Sage is the discovery of the truth.
  • They are afraid of being misled or duped and ignorant.

The Sage archetype in branding is best used for:

  • Consultancies
  • Universities and Schools
  • News Networks

A Sage brand may aim to celebrate lifelong learning or show the path toward wisdom. To connect with customers, education is emphasized as the path toward wisdom and the answers lie in wisdom. The Sage archetype is used by such famous brands as:

  • MIT
  • CNN
  • Google- is now the largest online encyclopedia in the world where you can find information and answers on any topic within seconds

The Sage

The Sage archetype represents knowledge, wisdom, and insight. Brands that embody the Sage archetype are typically seen as experts in their field, offering valuable advice and guidance to their customers. Examples of brands that align with this archetype include TED Talks, National Geographic, and Harvard University.

The Sage archetype is often used by brands that want to establish themselves as thought leaders or authorities in their industry. These brands often use educational content such as how-to guides, research reports, or whitepapers to position themselves as experts. They may also partner with influencers or experts in their field to provide additional value to their customers.

However, brands that align with the Sage archetype must also be careful not to come across as too aloof or distant. It’s important for them to balance their knowledge with approachability and empathy for their customers. They should focus on presenting their information in a clear and understandable way, and actively engage with their audience to answer questions and address concerns.

In terms of marketing, brands that embody the Sage archetype may use channels such as blogs, podcasts, or social media to share their knowledge and insights. They may also participate in speaking events or webinars to showcase their expertise.

Overall, the Sage archetype is a powerful tool for brands that want to establish themselves as trusted advisors and leaders in their industry. By offering valuable insights and guidance, these brands can build strong relationships with their customers and stand out in a crowded marketplace.