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Time management tips

If your attention is being pulled in every direction with tasks that are urgent but not important. When you get your next request, try to place it in one of these quadrants and act accordingly.

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Make time for the things that are valuable in your life

Your time is like a Zen garden…

…lay down the big stones first

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lay down the small ones first…

… and there will be no room for the big ones.

There is always time to do things

If you don’t have time, it means you don’t the difference between big and small stones.


If there is an action that is required do it fast and move on…

…. practice ignoring or postponing unimportant emails


Encourage people to leave a message, this way if they have an issue you are not caught by surprise…

… Respond with a solution and look like you have some leadership skills.

Set a time to return calls, I try to do it at 3:30 do one after another one until you are done.

Set goals

Write your goals for the day, starting with toughest thing you have to do (but you are afraid of doing).

Use the 80/20 Law

There is this weird law in nature that says 20% of what we do produces 80% of results. 20% of your clients are the ones who pay our bills. Our job is to discover what really makes a difference in our business and in our life in general and then concentrate in those areas and assign the other stuff to others or eliminate it all together.


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