Tom Sedar Writer

Welcome to the captivating world of Tom Sedar, a talented mystery fiction writer who will transport you to thrilling and enigmatic realms with his captivating stories. With a passion for suspense and a flair for intricate plot twists, Tom Sedar has established himself as a prominent figure in the realm of mystery fiction.

Tom’s writing style is characterized by his ability to create suspenseful narratives that keep readers on the edge of their seats. His stories are filled with intriguing characters, unexpected turns, and layers of mystery waiting to be unraveled. Whether it’s a gripping detective novel, a psychological thriller, or a perplexing whodunit, Tom Sedar’s books promise an immersive and thrilling reading experience.

The Author’s Background

Wyoming native Tom Sedar’s life has been a fun ride. As a young man he worked as a ranch hand, rodeo cowboy, roughneck, and commercial diver. In 1984 Tom quit his wandering life to attend Law School at the University of Wyoming. After Law School he had a 25-year career as a trial lawyer. In his career, Tom tried over 250 jury trials (that is a lot of storytelling). In 2007 Tom and his wife Charlene, a Federal Marshal, moved to the Caribbean where Tom was the Major Crimes / Homicide Prosecutor for the Island of St. Croix. In, The Gold of St. Croix, Tom couples his lifetime of experience with his gift for storytelling to create a must-read for any mystery lover.