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UX persona ASAP Without a Rush Charge Jackie

UX persona ASAP

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Dear Federico:

As you know I am an existing customer. I am about to send you another emergency project (it had to be done last week). I need my project to be done ASAP but make sure you don’t charge a rush fee. You see, I work for a company that constantly puts me in an unfair difficult position and I no choice but to pass this pressure on to you (no money, but lots of busy work). I know you must feel like, but I’m a tough manager. Please understand that I am always under the gun. I got to deliver or my head is going to roll!

-ASAP Without a Rush Charge Jackie

Dear Jackie:

I understand the pressure you are going through. I have also experienced working for companies where everything was about unrealistic deadlines and deliveries. Working in a hostile environment is torture, work should be an uplifting experience. In the past, I have gone out of my way to help you, but ASAP requests will have to be charged accordingly. I think that I am being fair to you, and to my other customers who also need my help. I hope that in the near future you can find a company that is supportive to you as I have been to you.

Our ideal customer is supportive

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