Dear Federico:

I am hanging on to an exciting, top-secret job for a major brand, but I need you to sign a non-disclosure agreement (the length of a novel). I want to make sure no one rips me off, this is very important if we are to move forward. My legal
team has created a document to safeguard my interests (multiple strategies to get out of paying you). I will need a
copy of your resume and 3 referrals.

-Distrusting Becky

Dear Dina

We know how to read contracts and we find that yours is full of conditions that are not favorable to us. We are only willing to sign contracts that describes a win-win relationship. If you
truly want your project to succeed, establishing a
trusting partnership is vital. To gain our client’s trust
we attempt to be transparent about our procedures. We can demonstrate clearly what it is that we do to through
strict reporting and accurate record keeping. No one should do business with a party they don’t trust.

Our ideal customers is trustworthy