Dear Federico:

I am curious about learning your design process, and I even willing to try some of your ideas. I could design this thing myself, I have a background in design, photography, fine arts…
However, I am short on time and that is why I am contacting you, here are my concept sketches.

Dear Wilma:

I Love your creative background. As an artist you know each art medium has its own set of rules and parameters, and we all have to follow them in order to produce quality work. For example if you are a painter you know that you can use watercolors, acrylics and oil paint, you can even mix media. A painter needs to understand his/her craft in order for the work to physically last. For example you can have an acrylic background and paint over it with oil, but not the opposite, if you do this the chemical reaction will make the oil paint flake and eventually the painting you created will disappear. 

A responsive website does not behave like a 2-dimension drawing, the design flows and adapts to create multiple viewing experiences. Collaboration between artists is a wonderful thing, I am glad to utilize your sketches as a starting concept but not as actual designs. I will keep your specific ideas in mind and will follow your direction. I am glad you are here and look forward to our collaboration.

Our ideal customer is collaborative