Dear Federico:

I like to get my website done, but I want to make sure I am getting a great deal. I will spend more time discussing the cost of the project rather than the creative brief. I want to save every last penny from my hard earned money and I want to know exactly how much time is being spent in each phase of the project, just to make sure.

-Let’s Make a Deal Charlie

Dear Charlie:

No one wants to pay more than something is worth, I am the same way. You can find a lower cost website but I challenge you to find a better value. A cheap website that produces no results seems to me like a bad deal. Most of our services are priced with flat fees, if there are requirements related to an hourly activity they will be tracked accurately. Charlie, we have in place strict reporting procedures that ensure that the work is done efficiently. We are confident that our services will add value to all your products/services, you Charlie are getting a deal!

Our ideal customer is value driven