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UX Persona Low-tech Tom

Dear Federico:

I am techno-phobic, I will call rather than email you. I’ll be honest with you, the only reason I don’t have a rotary phone is because they don’t sell them anymore. In-person meetings are very important to me, as I get frustrated with technology easily. I have difficulty keeping up with emails as my AOL inbox has thousands of unanswered notifications.  how can we possibly work together?

-Low-Tech Tom

Dear Tom:

I am also a baby boomer, so I can relate to some of your frustrations. I will speak to you in terms you will understand. I can help you cope and maybe even develop your enthusiasm for technology. I’m Ok with you printing all the pages and mailing them to me. I’m Ok with handwritten documents, we can even transcribe your recordings into perfectly written text. I can do in-person agenda driven working meetings with you. My main job is to tap into your deep knowledge of the business and adopt the best strategy to help you project this knowledge to this new world. This project will pull you out of your comfort zone, but Tom you have done this many times in the past, be courageous!

Our ideal customer is courageous

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