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UX Persona Second Opinion Sam

Dear Federico:

I may be part of a giant corporation, or maybe a small mom-and-pop shop, sharing responsibilities with a wife and or an astute cat. In either case, I need to get a 2nd, or 3rd, opinion from multiple stakeholders on absolutely every decision.
When I ask everybody will provide me conflicting responses and the job will drag on unnecessarily for months, straining our relation and evaporating any profit you thought you were going to make with this job. Getting people to agree on anything in my organization is like herding cats, is there anything you can do to help me?


Second Opinion Sam:

You are absolutely right in wanting to get opinions from all the parties involved. People love their own ideas and want to be included in the decision process. When stakeholders are not included they tend to reject what is being proposed, that is human nature, I understand your dilemma. I can provide you with a decision-making platform that will align the efforts and purpose of your team, taking advantage of their collective intelligence. We have to get all the stakeholders to participate and to agree to the direction we will be taking.

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