Dear Federico:

Dear Federico,

I’m either workin’ for some mammoth corporation or a little mom-and-pop joint, and let me tell ya, the responsibilities are piling up higher than my hairline.
You see, nothing is up to me, I gotta consult with every Tom, Dick, and Harry just to lift my newspaper!

I ask ’em for their two cents, and what do I get? A cacophony of conflicting opinions that could make a grown man cry. It’s like they’re playin’ tug-of-war with my sanity, draggin’ out projects for months on end.
It’s a real strain on our relationship, ya know? And don’t even get me started on the profits—those dreams are evaporating faster than my hairline!

Tryin’ to get these folks to agree on anything is like herding cats. I mean, seriously, have you ever tried herding cats? It’s a dang circus act!

So, Federico, I’m turnin’ to you in desperation. Is there any magic trick up your sleeve to help me out of this mess?

Yours sincerely,

Second Opinion Guss:

You are absolutely right in wanting to get opinions from all the parties involved. People love their own ideas and want to be included in the decision process. When stakeholders are not included they tend to reject what is being proposed, that is human nature, I understand your dilemma. I can provide you with a decision-making platform that will align the efforts and purpose of your team, taking advantage of their collective intelligence. We have to get all the stakeholders to participate and to agree to the direction we will be taking.

Our ideal customer works well with others