Dear Federico:

I work in an industry everyone dreams of getting into like music, movie, or travel… I have a job opportunity for you, but in the event that you don’t take it, I’ll easily be able to find another designer who will take your place. I am actually doing you a favor by offering you this opportunity and I expect special treatment for my trouble (like a discount).


Dear Victor:

I have worked with some really BIG corporations, and I sincerely feel that we are qualified to work for you. When I was an employee, I loved work with those accounts, but honestly, I enjoy working in my own business even more. We are very sure as to what we bring to the table. We can do this job for you, not as a favor but as consultants that will add real value to what you have to offer. Thank you for the opportunity, we look forward to a fair-minded business relationship.

Our ideal customer is fair minded