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What is UX Design? UX Design helps your team come together as one

A UX strategy that will help you understand what you as an organization believe and represent. It also helps you define who your customers are, what they do, what are their aspirations and fears. UX Design is an exercise on empathy and introspection. It is also practiced by some, if not all, of the most successful companies on the planet.

I am often asked, Federico we need this project to be a total success, what do you need from us? My answer is this, we need to align our minds, or thoughts. You see when we are part of an organization, and by that I mean more than 1 person, we need to row in harmony and in the right direction, otherwise we get angry, resentful team members that are consciously or subconsciously boycotting the process. When the organization agrees in the direction and feels emotionally committed to a common goal, coming to work feels good. It’s amazing how miserable people are at work, I see it everywhere, people hate their jobs. When people hate their jobs it shows in the way they treat the customers and how they treat one another. So my question to you is, besides the need to make money, what is it that makes you get up in the morning? Are you driven by ambition or do you have a vision? 

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Designing a Product vs Designing an Experience

We believe that as designers we have the power to create, shape an experience that will make a difference in someone’s life.

The Key to a Successful Project is to Align Our Thoughts

Finally, this isn’t just creativity being flaunted for no reason. The sole purpose is always to create value and the most effective use for the final result. Design Thinking uses core principles of design to accommodate and overcome every conceivable problem. With that, it is one of the leading approaches to design within nearly any industry you could think of.
Waiting for the Ideal Customer
You often see this in sports, you can have a team made up of superstars but they never quite make it to the finals, why? Is not that they are less talented, is not that they don’t have the latest exercise equipment or installations, it’s all about team chemistry. Leanordo Messi comes to mind, this soccer giant has won every meaningful trophy with his Barcelona team, however when he plays for his national team nothing has come of it, why? I believe that managing the egos of those superstars is the secret to wining, it is the same for your organization.
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