Green Web-Hosting Services

Green web-hosting 

A green web hosting service provides the technology needed for a website to be present in the world wide web. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. Let us be your green web-hosting provider helping save our planet bу reducing carbon emissions. With Orange Snowman you are are using the cleanest technology available.

Eco-friendly green web-hosting

We are dedicated to offering the top green hosting tools available,  to launch and maintain your site running smoothly. Orange Snowman has over 10 years of experience providing the best, affordable web site hosting in the Treasure Coast. Your account will utilize the best server hardware, the top dependable network providers and the most current software available anywhere on the world wide web. Also, your Orange Snowman green web hosting account will have a positive energy footprint on the environment as we replace grid energy, with wind energy credits, 3 x the quantity of energy your site will use!

Green eco-friendly web-hosting

Web-hosting is an essential service needed to make a website or blog visible to the world. Having a good web-hosting company can be interpreted as; more traffic to your website.

What is web-hosting?

A Web-hosting service is a type of internet service that does bring your website or blog closer to your readers. This makes your website accessible through the World Wide Web. Web-hosting companies, which today they are quite many, provide this service. They provide space on a server leased or owned for use by clients and providing internet connectivity in a data center as well. The web-hosting can provide connectivity to the internet and data center space for other servers that are located in their data center as well. This kind of connectivity is known as Colocation and others know it by housing in France and/or Latin American.

Web-hosting service variety

The scope of web hosting services varies a lot. The variety will usually depend on the size of the site you want to be hosted. The most basic is the web page and small-scale file hosting. This allows you to upload files through file transfer protocol (FTP) or otherwise known as a web interface. These files are usually delivered to the web with minimal processing. A majority of Web-hosting Service providers offer this service free of charge to subscribers.

In web-hosting, not all sites fit all

However, when it comes to business website hosting, you will have to spend some cash and usually, the cost will be determined by the size and type of the site. A complex website calls for a more comprehensive data packages, which will provide more database support as well as an application development platform. These tools give your readers or customers the ability to write and install scripts for applications like forums and content management. Moreover, they help in e-commerce instances by providing secure socket layers (SSL). The host may also provide an interface or control panel for managing the web server and installing scripts, as well as other modules and service applications like e-mail. Other hosting companies especially those dealing with e-commerce or internet finances offer specialized services or software. The availability of a website is measured in percentage of which the public, accessible and reachable through online are taken into consideration. This calculation is quite different from measuring the Up-Time of a system. Up-Time refers to the time the system is online.