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Originally, websites were designed to be viewed on a desktop or a laptop computer. With the advancement of digital technology, many more people are now using smart phones and tablets to search the web. Unfortunately, many websites are not designed to be viewed on mobile devices. This lack of flexibility has caused a great deal of frustration from consumers and developers. Responsive websites auto adjust to the size of the device in use. If your website isn't doing this, you need to a call us.

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Responsive website design for Jupiter FL

Having a website is a great way to represent the type of business you are running. Those who have never purchased anything from you may check out your website to find out information about the business. When they do check it out, you want to leave a lasting impression on them by creating an engaging and exciting experience. If your website looks unprofessional and unappealing, those people may not have any interest in what you are offering.

A responsive website should be carefully constructed

Consider colors and font styles that would look most attractive to the people you want to visit your responsive website. Cool and calming colors are ideal if you want visitors to have a relaxing experience while they are browsing through your site to see what you are offering. You can also match colors with a specific theme based on what you sell, such as beauty products, gardening supplies, or even homemade goods. Once you have chosen the colors, you can start planning out your layout. Some responsive websites will have a navigation bar featured at the top while others will have it listed along the right or left side. Decide where you want your navigation system and how you want each page of your responsive website to look. For example, you may want to have a page with products and prices listed and a section with high-quality articles that you have written. The content that you post should be relevant to the products you are selling while providing useful information to your visitors.

Identifying the components of a responsive website

At the bottom of your reponsive website, you should have a small section, known as a footer, which would include the name of your business and a copyright stamp. You can make your footer look decorative or you can keep it simple. If you are not exactly sure how you want the layout to look for your responsive website, start brainstorming and drawing down your ideas on a sheet of paper so that you do not forget them. Once you compare your drawings, you can start building the layout from scratch. When people are on your responsive website, they should be able to easily read anything that you have written. If you use a font that is in an extremely light color, some people may struggle to read it. Not only is the color of the font important, so is the style and size. Do not choose a funky font style that makes letters look unusual because then some people may not understand what they are reading.

Your responsive website should clean typography

Instead of creating large blocks of texts without spacing anything out, keep your paragraphs about 3-4 sentences long, add bullet points when necessary, and do not forget to use subheadings. If you make your content more readable, you can keep website visitors interested for a longer period of time. You can even add photos next to the text, but the photographs should relate to what your website visitors are reading. Designing a visually appealing responsive website is not as challenging as it may seem. Brainstorm a few ideas, consider how you want your responsive website to look, and then start working on putting things together little by little. Focus on the quality of the content, the color scheme, and the organization of your website and you should have no problem impressing people who visit it.  

About Jupiter Florida

Orange Snowman provides Jupiter Florida with responsive website design services. Our responsive websites are designed around the customer experience (UX Design). Our goal is to create websites that delight and support your business goals. We create custom solutions that echo your values, attracting customers that think and feel like you. The town of Jupiter sits within an area that was originally named after the Hobe Indian Tribe. This tribe made its home near the Loxahatchee River. Its name is preserved in the adjacent Hobe Sound. At one point in time, a cartographer mistook the spelling of Hobe to be the Spanish Jobe but recorded is as Hove. Other mapmakers took this to be a Latin translation of the name Jupiter. Jupiter was the main Roman God who was in charge of light, the sky and the weather. This god was also in charge of states and their laws and welfare. Jupiter also had a wife named Juno. This is the inspiration for the town near Jupiter called Juno Beach. The greatest landmark in the town is the Inlet Lighthouse which was built in 1960 and painted red in 1910. This was to cover up the discoloration of the lighthouse caused by humidity. This first-order lighthouse was appropriated by Congress to be built for about $35,000. Its primary purpose was to mark the reef off and aid in navigating sea vessels. The Indian War, which carried on during the lighthouse’s building and erection, caused the final cost to rise, due to delays, to $60,000. In 2004, Hurricane Jean blew much of the paint from the top portion of the tower. It had to be repainted using potassium silicate minerals. Today, it is the main point of interest in the town. For visitors, the Tower Trip offers an excellent excursion. They can climb the 105 steps in the Jupiter Lighthouse which is the oldest structure in Palm Beach County. It stands on a hill of nature shell, marine sands, above reefs and sandbars that extend approx. 41,000 feet. The sandbars have been a long-term cause of shipwrecks. Jupiter gets a mild, dry winter and a hot, wet summer with its Tropical climate. Thunderstorms and showers are a common occurrence during the summer but they are brief, making Jupiter a pleasant enough escape just about any time of the year. Jupiter is lined with tropical trees, gorgeous landscaping and boasts several public parks. It is also a town filled with homes.