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Websites are one of the most important marketing tools in modern businesses. They allow businesses to generate leads and increase sales. The success of a website also relies on its design, usability, and the amount of content it provides. Orange Snowman can help you bring these together by creating an engaging site with rich content.

If you are tired of struggling to come up with an original site, call us! We can help you craft a design that will stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for more comprehensive services, we can give your website an SEO boost and provide local marketing options.

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Orange Snowman, a South Florida web design company, offers responsive website design services to businesses and organizations throughout the area.

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Often called the Sunrise City; Fort Pierce has spent over 100 years as the center of St Lucie County. Named after the sinking of the infamous Spanish Fleets, the Treasure Coast is one of the oldest communities on Floridas East Coast. Florida had been created as a US Territory in 1832 by Congress and where the Armed Occupation Act allowed settlement in what then was the unsettled part of East Florida. Becoming a US State in 1845, The US Army had already commenced building military forts through the region with Colonel Benjamin K Pierce, brother to the future 14th President and Hawkeye to his friends, sailed down the river from St Augustine, and using Palmetto trees to build a Fort. This area is now known by the area known as Old Fort Park to residents and visitors alike. 

The Railroad comes to Ft. Pierce

1894 saw the first railroad train come to Fort Pierce. The railroad grew the township’s population along with the import of items such as pineapples from Cuba. Due to disease is ravaging the area, the need for more fruits to be shipped to the city grew, with citrus fruits becoming the significant import along with cattle. In 1905, St Lucie was established as a county seat with Fort Pierce that had been part of the Indian River with Brevard County. 54 of the 66 registered voters in the region in 1901 voted to incorporate the township.

The Sunrise City Grows

Today the early township has now grown to a bustling city that houses a population of over 40,000 residents in an area that is 29 miles square. Much has happened to this region since the early Indian tribes of Hobe arrived at the Loxahatchee River and no doubt much more will occur as history moves forward. Due to the nature of its background and rounding, Jupiter is very much a multicultural city that is steeped in its culture, food, and nightlife. Now a focal point in the region for tourists who want to enjoy both the history and the coast, as well as having the chance to take an excursion out to the lighthouse to climb the 105 stairs to look out over the reefs.

Orange Snowman  is a full-service digital marketing agency servicing the good folks of Fort Pierce. Specializing in web design, local SEO marketing, branding, graphic design, and content creation, our experts will help you build a website from scratch or take your existing one to the next level.