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Websites are one of the most important marketing tools in modern businesses. They allow businesses to generate leads and increase sales. The success of a website also relies on its design, usability, and the amount of content it provides. Orange Snowman can help you bring these together by creating an engaging site with rich content.

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Orange Snowman, a South Florida web design company, offers responsive website design services to businesses and organizations throughout the area.

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Some prominent investors got together in the early 1920s, and arranged and secured land which had its location in Lake Worth and south of Palm Beach, for developing an exclusive golf course. The location of the golf club was changed in a year of its being established to its present Gulf Stream site. J.R. Brooks was contracted to build it to a design made by Donald Ross.

Gulf Stream Golf Club

People were drawn to the town because of the polo fields and the successful Gulf Stream Golf Club, and this led to it being a major force that was behind the town’s growth and development. Even as early as 1923, people were purchasing land tracts to build mansions along its beachfront. These houses were completed in 1925, and the Gulf Stream Golf Club’s members and officers exerted their influence to get the legislature in Florida to grant them a charter so that Gulf Stream could be established as a town.

A Winter Resort

The town, by the year 1930, was firmly established as a resort in winter for those who were wealthy. Early houses were all typical mansions, but the town of today has been widely subdivided, and there are now fewer large mansions, and more of distinguished, moderate size homes. The growth of the larger part of the was in sub-divisions that were located between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.

Gulf Stream Florida

The subdivision of Place au Soleil, established in 1960, is an exception to this and is located to the west of the Intercostal Highway. In an attempt to create tranquil settings, long ago, action had been taken to ban the use of land in this area for obtrusive commercial and industrial purposes. Several of the vacant beachfront, recently, was upgraded from being a multi-family designation to single-family zoning.

It was only after an era that passed on into history, that in the 1960s, the last of the fields of the Gulf Stream Polo Club got converted to home sites and an added golf course that was par-three. Gulf Stream Golf Club still functions today and has the influence that its prestige of polo brings to it, and this is visible throughout the town.

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