Monthly Maintenance Plans

In addition to the regular backups and updates we provide for WordPress sites, some of our clients feel they could use more help. This is why we offer our client a monthly maintenance plan as well. You don’t need to sign any contracts for this we handle this from month to month. If you would like us to handle the fine-tuning of your website for a few months and then take over on your own, this is OK as well.

It has been our experience that clients who have started with the plan have found it quite effective and convenient and stuck with it. Furthermore, we offer you an hour of our time each month to be spent however you see fit. This could be doing research on improvements you would like done for your site. Or perhaps you have some things you don’t understand and need clarification. Whatever we can do to help you out, just give us a call or send us an email to discuss your situation and possible solution.

In Conclusion — If you are the type of person who can’t be bothered with all the technical mumbo-jumbo associated with owning and operating a website, and need this handled by the experts call us up. Furthermore, if you are the type who needs premiere services and a website that will remain functional come hell or high water, then you should know we include this as part of our deal. All technical aspect of your site will be handled by the expert.

Sucuri, the renowned Network-Based Integrity Monitoring System, also monitors the sites and ensures everything is under control. This effective system provides our technicians with important updates in real-time. If there is any problem, we will know about it quickly and work to resolve it with all haste.

We have a policy on this. The first security breach will be handled by us at no cost to our clients. Any subsequent breaches will be paid for by the client at a cost of $125 if they refuse Security protection as part of their service.

Additional cleanups are free with the Sucuri protection service, but only for three per year. If you have experienced more than three per year, there is invariably something very serious going on that requires special service. Nevertheless, there has been a 100% effective rate against breaches for all our clients who have switched to the Sucuri protection service.

While you retain the option to select this service or not, we highly recommend it as valuable protection for your site and content.

Why are updates and backups important?

Security breaches are a constant problem to the modern website as intellectual property increases in value. If the core and plugin files are not regularly updated they are more susceptible to these attacks and WordPress sites can be left wide open. Furthermore, outdated WordPress sites can stop working on their own volition. Backups keep a solid copy of the site in case there is such a problem. If there is a breach or system failure, the backup can restore the website to function.