Why Is SEO Important?

Why Is SEO Important

the main portion of traffic online is actually driven by the search engines

While social media, paid advertising, and the other types of fo online platforms are able to generate traffic to sites, the main portion of traffic online is actually driven by the search engines. The search results that are organic cover a larger area of digital real-estate, they also appear to be more credible when it comes to the savvy searchers, and they also receive a much higher percentage of clicks when compared to paid advertisements.

To explain this briefly: SEO has around 20 X more traffic opportunities than PPC for both desktop and mobile. In addition, SEO is among very few of the marketing channels online, that once set-up properly, will carry on paying dividends as time goes by. If you are able to provide solid pieces of content which deserves ranking for the correct keywords, it can cause your traffic to explode over time, whereby advertising requires continual funding in order to direct traffic.

The search engines may be getting smarter but at this stage, they still require our help. When you optimize your website it assists with delivering better information to each search engine, in order for your content to be correctly displayed and indexed in the search results.

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