These are some top reason why you are not getting referrals:

1. You do not ask

If part of your regular business strategy does not involve asking for referrals, then you are missing out on a crucial component of your business. Individuals are four times more likely to purchase something when a friend refers to them. Ask for referrals as part of your regular process, over time, it will definitely pay off.

2. They had a bad experience

It is possible that your client had an unpleasant experience in the past and is hesitant to try it again. You might be able to overcome the negative experience, or you might not, if a client does not want to provide referrals, then accept their decision respectfully and then focus on trying to earn their trust.

3. Good is not great

Although you might have done a good job for a client, you did not succeed in wowing them. In order for a satisfied customer to be transformed into a dedicated advocate for your company, you must go beyond meeting expectations. At a minimum, your clients expect to receive good customer service. In order to get someone motivated to recommend your company to others, you need to exceed their expectations and not simply meet them. Creating a plan that helps to promote word-of-mouthing marketing that makes it easy for them to refer your business to others.

4. They are busy

Here is where your top-of-mind marketing plan is important, these days, everyone is busy and completely inundated with marketing and advertising message. By the time they need your services again, your client might not remember your website or name. Be sure to stay in contact with your past clients, so they will remember you. Maintain a regular communication schedule and make sure your content is not blatant pitch.

5. What is in it for them?

The client has achieved their goal after they have done business with you already, in order for them to refer you, it helps if there is something in it for them. Many people will refer you just to be nice, however, an extra incentive can go a long way. Some companies offer a promotion, prize, a discount on future services, or other types of referral incentives, be sure to reward and thank the people who help to build your business.