WordPress Website & Blog Design

WordPress design

At Orange Snowman we are WordPress theme design experts. We understand that there are hundreds of themes out there, the big difference is customization. Many themes look good until you ask for a design modification, that is when most people find out about the limitations of a cookie cutter theme. A cheap theme will rarely enhance your brand. Be original, be unique and stand out by using of a quality custom theme for your WordPress site.

WordPress Custom Theme Designer

WordPress is a content management system that has established itself as the standard in website and blog publishing. WordPress is a powerful open-source technology that is easy to use and administer, no other CMS comes close. As designers we look for technology that be molded and customized to solve the specific needs of our customers. WordPress utilizes plugins, similar to the term apps, to add functionality to your site/blog. Before WP one had to hire a developer to customize every aspect through the use of code, now a plugin can do the job for most every day uses. If a plugin needs to be customized we have developers that can help implement and optimize a particular solution. 

WordCamp Speakers 

Orange Snowman has participated as speakers in WordCamp Miami. These conferences take place all over the world, the attract WP developers, designer and users. The WordPress community is very large and active. Orange Snowman is available for speaking engagements on a wide variety of WordPress subjects dealing with e-commerce, blogging,  connectivity, branding, productivity, learning, etc . For example, in WordCamp Miami we discussed a very special plugin that helped artists and photographers manage their huge image photography collection with ease.