Website Design

At Orange Snowman, we understand that a website is more than just another business expense. A website has to pull its own weight. A professionally designed website it's there to bring in customers and help you make sales, this rarely happens with the cookie-cutter cheap alternatives. 

A professionally designed website costs money, so we understand you may need some convincing. So here are the reasons why getting your website designed professionally is actually more cost-effective.

> save you time
> bring more customers
> make life easy for you
> strengthen your brand
> make your phone ring

Professionally Designed Website Can Save You Time

Your time is precious. You've got a million and a half different things to do in order to keep your business running. If you're a start-up, you may even be doing the labor as well as the management! Learning how to build a website in order to have one takes a long time. Sure, anyone can throw up a website onto the internet. But one that actually functions and attracts customers? That's not as easy. As if that wasn't enough, a website takes fairly constant upkeep. There are e-mail addresses to set up, security issues to fix, and sometimes the code has to be redone. Every hour you have to work on the website is an hour you're not working on your business.

Good website design brings more customers

A website that's been professionally designed will run more quickly. Not only will the site itself perform better, but it will be optimized for Google searches. This helps give you a head start in Google rankings, which can easily turn potential customers into actual clients. A proper, professional website design will let your customers browse your site more easily.

Good Website Design makes things easier for you

If money is tight, it may be reasonable to ask a friend of yours who knows HTML and is willing to do the work for a six pack. But a website designed by a non-professional quickly produces diminishing returns.

And that's if everything goes smoothly. If your website breaks down and your friend either isn't available or doesn't have the skills to fix it, what will you do then? Not to mention, internet browsers get updated regularly. If your website no longer works in certain browsers, can your friend fix that problem? 

Good website design strengthen your brand

A website template is great to throw up a placeholder site. But a professionally made site is able to showcase what your business is all about. It works as a message board for potential customers, letting them know what your business finds important and how your business approaches the job.

It also helps if you can make your website part of an entire package. When it goes hand in hand with physical products such as flyers and a business letterhead, it makes your brand that much stronger. You look professional and ready for business. 

Internet Marketing Services

We can help you establish a clear memorable marketing message that will resonate with your target audience. We can promote your brand locally or internationally in multiple marketing channels. We take our job seriously, but we are fun to work with. Contact us for a friendly, pressure-free conversation. So, are you convinced yet?  Granted, we're a bit biased. We're professional designers, so naturally, we think that's the best idea. That said, you'll be amazed at how well a professionally designed website can work. So give us a call.


We communicate ideas through the use of visuals which are composed of typography, color, illustrations, videos and photography.  Our website design & graphic design services can help you establish a unique memorable engaging brand.  We can print your media kit, register your domain name, host your website, and even teach you how to use WordPress.  


On-page optimization makes your site visible to the search engines; Local SEO optimization helps your local business attract more customers through the optimization of online business directories ; Search Engine Optimization complements local SEO efforts and it typically targets to a wider state-wide or national range. These services are interrelated and support each other.


Our online marketing services include email marketing and social media marketing .  We can create, brand and publish content  to 30+ of your own social media accounts. We can monitor, measure and respond to all accounts from one central location.

Website Design & Online Marketing

At Orange Snowman we transform information into engaging websites.  The way things look, the way they communicate an idea are at the core of who we are. Visual communication, corporate branding, advertising call it what you will, we can help you find your voice.  Make a statement and stand out!

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