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Orange Snowman Marketing Made Fresh!

Orange Snowman transforms information into memorable, engaging messages. We are a single-source solution to your marketing needs, bringing together all of your promotional efforts efficiently and economically, without you having to deal with multiple vendors. How else will you find the time to be happy?

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Celebrating our Sweet Sixteen!

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Our clients are entrepreneurs, who do not want to waste time doing things that are better left to a marketing professional. Orange Snowman has been in business for more than 16 years. We are not the fastest, nor the cheapest. However, if you are looking for a creative partner that can add value to everything you do, you should really check us out!

What good is a website if no one can find it? We create websites that not only look great, but can often be found on top of the search engines.

  • On-page optimization
  • Google My Business
  • SEO software
  • Performance tracking
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Reputation management
  • Name Optimization
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly
  • WordPress platform
  • Elementor Expert
  • E-commerce
  • User-friendly
  • Blog
  • Engaging
  • Publishing
  • Corporate identity
  • e-books
  • illustrations
  • Brochures
  • Folders
  • Stationery
  • Presentations
  • Video Editing
  • Jewelers
  • aquariums
  • beaches
  • forests
  • food
  • retouching
  • color balancing
    • Jewelers
    • aquariums
    • beaches
    • forests
    • food
    • retouching
    • color balancing
      • UX/UI Designer

      • Experience Journeys
      •  Elementor
      •  Pop-ups
      •  Layouts
      • Dynamic Content
        • Content Publishing
        • Facebook
        • YouTube
        • Instagram
        • Pinterest

        Every aspect of your efforts should be planned and measurable. It is worth it to take our time thinking before acting.

        • We produce 3x the power we consume
        • eco-freindly webhosting
        • Specially tailored for WordPress & Elementor


        To provide website design & marketing services to collaborative clients in a mutually supportive environment. We strive to be authentic in everything we do because otherwise, we have a hard time getting up in the morning. We believe that money is made when we create a product of real value! We believe, in our heart, that our services will increase the perceived value of your organization and make keeping and acquiring new customers easier and even fun! At Orange Snowman, we transform information into messages that engage, connect, and convert. We look forward to a happy, mutually empowering business relationship.

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        Orange Snowoman Marketing Services


        5 steps to a successful website

        Orange snowman can host, design and market your e-commerce or information websites. We provide custom solutions to your online needs. Having a great website is essential in today’s fast-paced digital world.

        Just like when you go to the doctor, in order for the diagnosis to be correct, we have to ask questions and run some tests. We need to understand what constitutes success, and what challenges stand in the way? Does this sound reasonable to you?

        Once we understand your mission, we often can recognize opportunities to enhance your desired results. We have the knowledge and technology, necessary to create a custom solution to your needs:

        • What are the best keywords you should use for your SEO?
        • Technology use suggestions
        • Ways to integrate with other online marketing channels
        • Ways to improve work-flow
        • branding
        • user experience and interaction

        We will lay out the site and apply all the necessary content. The client will help us determine the best way to display the information. 

        How we are going to build it?

        We design the site on our server, it can be kept private. Once the site is approved, it can stay with Orange Snowman, or it can be hosted at the client’s choice. Your site will be optimized for the search engines, we will study the best keywords for your industry.

        Once everything is approved your site will go live. During the next 30 days, we will make sure your site is performing and if required, we will make any necessary adjustments.

        Website Design

        Orange Snowman can design a responsive website. Responsive websites adapt to the different internet formats. The desktop, tablet, and smartphone formats all need to have the content re-shuffle and display according to the designer’s instructions.

        Powered by Elementor

        Celebrating our Sweet Sixteen!

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        Orange Snowman has been a WordPress & Elementor expert since its inception. Elementor is a disruptive WordPress website builder that has taken the design industry by storm. Built on the most powerful content management system, which is WordPress. Besides having the most universal platform. Other platforms such as Wix or Godaddy allow you for limited ownership of your website, that is why it is important that you resist the temptation of taking these cheap alternatives.

        What are the Top 10 Communication Problems, We must try to avoid?

        1. Your email does not have a subject- When your email does not have a subject, it can easily be ignored. Remember that designers get dozens of emails daily, it is very hard to follow them all, it is nearly impossible to do it without subject lines.
        2. Once you give your email a subject, stay on subject. Want to talk about something else? Create a new email with a more relevant subject line.
        3. Limit texting to simple notifications- an email is the most effective way to deal with complex ideas.
        4. Phone calls are intrusive- this one took me a while to recognize, but millennials (my kids) taught me this, and they are right. Please let’s go easy on the calls : )
        5. You call, but you don’t leave messages? Designers are introverts that don’t like to be blindsided by the news. Don’t assume the worst, no need for drama. No need to damage, the client/designer relation.
        6. Do not call us while you are driving- we don’t want our clients to get killed, not even the bad ones.
        7. Do not call to describe your corrections! Writing is the best way to communicate, However, we can accept recordings and even handwritten documents, these can be converted to text by our team.
        8. If you are sending us an attachment- In your e-mail, please write “see attachment”. Emails have many shiny distracting things, an attachment’s icon representation, can at times be white, or it can have a texture, that makes it blend like camouflage!
        9. Don’t take too long to respond- 48 hr response time should be the norm, if you are going to take longer, please let your designer know.

        top problem #10,,
        Fuzzy Instructions,,

        Be clear and concise.
        Print your changes,
        Clients who try to describe text changes
        without the command of the terminology used by designers,
        can create a great deal of confusion!.
        If you have an extensive list of pages, print them all, mark them, as clearly as you can,
        with a sharpie, (not a pencil).
        Once you have your hard copy scan, photograph, or mail us the pages. ,

        These simple steps can save hours of misunderstandings, and aggravations.

        Thank you for paying notice.,

        No amount of technology can make a product of success, unless our communication, and intentions are crystal clear!!,,,,,


        video footage

        At Orange Snowman, we can help you create the photographic content necessary to tell your story. We have a vast knowledge of producing images for jewelry companies, sign makers, print shops, etc., etc.

        We go the extra mile to take that out-of-the-ordinary shot.


        Frequently Asked Questions

        Celebrating our Sweet Sixteen!

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        The truth is that this question has no definite answer. A website design quote is based on the needs of a person’s project needs. It is important to note that every website has its own unique requirements and demands. As such, we develop and design custom websites to meet the demands of your business. For this reason, we will ask many questions to understand your needs and give you a quote based on that… listen to the audio for a more in-depth answer…

        Typically, we charge one-third upfront, one third, once the website has been approved, and the final one third, once the site has been launched.

        If you have specific tasks, we will suggest, an hourly rate, or a flat fee, depending on what is the best option.

        We prefer to work on a maintenance program that will allow for, constant SEO monitoring, user experience improvements, and other optimization activities.


        If there is a will, there is a way we can work together.Call us for a friendly, pressure-free conversation.

        Can We Maintain Your Website For You?
        Yes, we can! We do offer ongoing support to all of our clients. From ecological friendly web hosting to local marketing, website optimization, or search engine optimization, Orange Snowman can deliver measurable results!

        Can we guarantee that your website will never be hacked? Can we guarantee that a third-party plugin will break your website? Can we guarantee that your website will be ranked number 1? Can we guarantee that your website will make you rich? The answer to these questions is NO.

        We guarantee that we will deliver what we promised, if not you are entitled to your money back.

        However, if something does not work, our clients have the obligation of reporting the deficiency. 

        Orange Snowman has the right to be given a chance to fix something that has broken.

        Does this see fair to you?

        This is a very popular maxim, that happens to be, dead wrong! Often the client is too focused on his own agenda, and forgets that the real boss is, the customer! The one who pays both of our bills! It’s the job of Orange Snowman, to remind you of this, in a blunt, and caring tone!

        Do We Only Create WordPress Websites?
        This is because WordPress is a great content management system, which now powers more than 30% of the entire web.
        This is indeed a huge market share. WordPress is not only easy to use, but flexible and powerful as well.
        Orange Snowman is uniquely positioned, to provide you with all the technical support necessary to make your website a reality. We have even been invited to lecture at WordCamp Miami, as well as Indian river State College and Palm Beach Community College.

        You are going to be happy you chose Orange Snowman to build your WordPress website!

        No! We have worked with clients all over the world. We have even done a website for an Inca Tribe in Peru in the highlands of Peru!

        YES, depending on your skill level and role. If you need specific training, we can provide you with that as well.


        Most definitely! Having a mobile-friendly website is a wise move. As such, we work hard to ensure the website is attractive and well-designed for different portable devices.

        In most cases, that will be your responsibility. Remember, you are the expert of your business, and it would be best for you to write the content. However, if you need the services of a copywriter team, we are happy to tell you that we have a team of professional copywriters who will write original content for you.

        Website hosting is important. When it comes to website hosting, you will get what you pay for. We have a list of great hosting platforms that may be right for your business. Please go through our list.

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