Responsive Website Design

With the advancement of digital technology, many more people are now using smart phones and tablets to search the web. Unfortunately, many websites are not designed to be viewed on mobile devices. Responsive websites auto adjust to the size of the device in use. If your website isn't doing this, call us for friendly, pressure-free conversation.

Customer-Centric Website Design

Orange Snowman provides design thinking services to enthusiastic customers in a mentoring environment. We strive to bring out our clients' most authentic voice, helping them feel happier about what they do while increasing their bottom line. We believe that a website is more than a business requirement, it can provide you with a never ending stream of leads that turn into real paying customers. We provide the necessary strategy and marketing tools to help you succeed. Our services will increase the perceived value of your company and make keeping and acquiring new customers easier! 

graphic design

graphic design

Anything that communicates visually is a form of graphic design. Anyone can build a website, but in the hands of a graphic designer that website will get noticed.

local seo

local seo optimization

What good is to create a beautiful website if no one can find it? We have the tools and technology to present your message to those seeking for what you offer.

ccontent marketing

content marketing

One of the hardest problems our customers face is the creation of original content. Most people just don't have the time or skills to take on these tasks.

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A Website is There For You 24/7

A great website is essential to your business success. Even if you don not get direct sales from your site, you can be sure that most people will check it before driving to see you. A website is the first impression your potential clients receive of who you are and what you stand for. Do not leave your most important marketing element to chance, let's work together to design a engaging website. Your site is like a salesperson, without the overhead, working tireless for you 24/7. Do not set it and forget your site, update it, promote it and it will become the best marketing investment you can make.

A great website makes everyone happy!

Successful websites are not just good looking, they are an opportunity to delight and engage your customer's experience. To achieve this level of success, we must align our thoughts and goals. We must design for the customer and not just to please the owner, the same holds true for designers, who design to impress other designers. This approach will set us apart from our many competitors. In life like in website design, be unique, be authentic, be happier!

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Design is Intelligence Having Fun!

Flat sales? Need to expand? Need to improve your customer experience? Don't be fast, cheap or fake, let's be thoughtful, valuable, and authentic.

Get More & Better Customers

Create a better experience for your existing users, design a sales funnel of new clients, that is what we can do for you. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated individuals who desire to make a difference in their industry and their lives. If you are honest, open minded, looking to become an innovator or a better leader, let us be a part of your success!

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Website Design

The purpose of website design is to present content on web pages, which users could not access on the internet with the aid of a web browser. Web design comprises various skills and disciplines in the creation and upkeep of websites. The many aspects of web design include UI design (user interface), graphic design, knowledge of HTML, command of digital software, UX design (user experience), and SEO (search engine optimization). There are various things to be considered in order to make your site attractive and simple to use. It is as well important to have a site that people could find useful on all platforms. Web design makes use of most of the same visual elements as all kinds of design like:
Layout: This is the way the text, graphics, and ads are organized. In the online world, a major goal would be to help the visitor find the information they search for easily. This includes keeping the consistency, balance, and integrity of the design.
Color: The selection of colors depends upon the purpose and clients; it may be black and white to multi-colored design, showing the personality of an individual or the brand of a company, utilizing web-safe colors.
Graphic Design: Graphics may include photos, logos, icons or clipart, all of which enrich the website design. For user friendliness, they have to be positioned appropriately, working together with color and content of the website, without the need of making it too congested or too slow to load the web page.
Fonts: The usage of various fonts could enhance a web design. Most browsers could only read a few number of fonts, referred to as “web-safe fonts”, so the designer will work with this generally accepted group.
Content: Content and design could work together to enrich the message of the website through text and visuals. Written text ought to be relevant and useful, in order not to confuse the visitor and to provide them with what they really want so they will stay on the website. Content ought to be optimized for search engines like Google and be of an appropriate length, including relevant keywords.
The phrase web design is often used to clarify the design process associated with the front-end design of a site which includes writing mark up. Web design somewhat overlaps web engineering in the wider scope of website development. Web designers are required to have knowledge of usability and if their job includes creating markup thus they’re as well expected to be up-to-date with web accessibility rules. Web designers use various different tools based on what part of the creative process they’re involved in. The tools are up-to-date over time by more modern standards and software, however, the principles behind them are the same. Web design has grown to be very important among companies working in various sectors. Moreover, personalized web programs enable a combination of several features like a database, tracking analysis, content writing, and marketing etc.

Internet marketing services

In-house marketing teams are usually plagued with poor tools, little budges and bad training. If you try to develop your own in-house marketing team, you could be spending a huge chunk of money in payroll and continue to lack the necessary elements to win online. Let Orange Snowman help you get peace of mind. We can create a program in collaboration with you and provide you with the support and know-how necessary to win in today’s super competitive digital marketplace.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization, local business marketing, refers to methods used to get your site to rank high in the local search results. Local search means that someone is using the search engine to find products and services in your area. Prospective customers will likely use a postcode or city name when they make a local search inquiry, which indicates that they are searching for things locally. Local business marketing can be complex and messy, let us help you dominate local search.

Search engine optimization

The process of placing in the search engines results pages, in a natural way, is called organic search engine optimization. Some of the methods and techniques used with organic SEO involves keyword analysis, keyword selection and placement, optimized content and backlinking to name a few. The higher your website shows up in the organic search results, the better the chances of people visiting it on a regular basis. SEO Marketing is the best type of SEO to use for many website owners.

Website optimization

This is the practice of optimizing a single web page to help it rank higher in the search results. Content and HTML source code is considered on-page, while off-page SEO refers to stuff that takes place, not on the website. This includes things such as links. When all aspects of a web page are worked on and optimized, then your rankings will likely improve in the search engine results pages. Google continues to improve and change its algorithm. This is why on-page optimization is a popular service. When you are creating a webpage, you want to consider on-page optimization, but make sure your pages are user-friendly.

Responsive website design

These days responsive web design is what people think of when they are talking about web design. It helps users to have the best surfing experience possible. Responsive web design, means that the layout of your website is able to change depending on what’s accessing it. The content of the page re-flows and adapts to the different screen sizes of internet devices. Content needs to be brief, the images have to have responsive in order to make the most of this new way of making websites.

e-Commerce website design

Local search engine optimization, local business marketing, refers to methods used to get your site to rank high in the local search results. Local search means that someone is using the search engine to find products and services in your area. Prospective customers will likely use a postcode or city name when they make a local search inquiry, which indicates that they are searching for things locally. Local business marketing can be complex and messy, let us help you dominate local search.

WordPress website theme design

A graphic designer can mean the biggest difference between using an existing WordPress theme and having them create one from scratch. A good designer will have training in the art of design. We know exactly what to do to create an attractive theme that people will be impressed by.

Commercial photography

Commercial photography is a broad range of various types of photography, such as lifestyle and food photography, as well as product photography. Professionals photographers can enhance any website because they know how to take amazing photos using the right lighting, background materials and things of that nature. They can improve a website’s visual appeal by taking professional photos of stuff related to your business.

Graphic design

Graphic design is all about using photography, as well as illustration to visually explain how to solve a problem or to communicate. This field is often referred to as a subset of communication and visual communication design, but graphic design is what most people refer to it as. Graphic designers create messages via images and other graphics that are visually pleasing.

Green web-hosting

Web hosting lets individuals and companies get their website online. A web hosting service provider or a web host is a company that has the equipment and technology to allow a website or page to be published online. Websites are stored on servers, which are special computers. Internet users will be able to type your website’s domain name or website’s address into their browser. When they do this, they will be able to go to your site. This is after the browser connects your server to your web pages.

Social media marketing

People use social media to connect with one another and to communicate. Social media has been around ever since the internet was created. However, within the last 10 years, social media sites have increased in popularity. It’s called social media because people use the sites to engage with one another. Social media involves commentary too, as well as other user-generated activities and interactions. Publishing content on social media channels is difficult. However, we are experts and can implement a solid social media marketing strategy that aligns with your business’s goals.

Content marketing

Content is king and without it, nothing would be optimized. We add metadata to the posts we publish and this helps Google and Facebook know more about the content they are looking at and indexing. Every link a marketer earns points for content and the keywords people use when they are trying to find content in the search engines. Content comes in various forms. Content can be emails, tweets and landing pages. It can also be descriptions of products and things of that nature.
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