What is a Google Voice Number?

Google Voice numbers are virtual phone numbers that can receive voice messages and make outgoing calls in the U.S. They are for individuals, family members, small businesses, schools, and organizations.

People use Google Voice to manage their communications in a way that is more personal and hands-free. Google Voice comes with free nationwide calling in the United States and Canada, call screening to screen unwanted calls, voicemail transcriptions to read your messages when you can’t make the call yourself, personalized greetings based on whose calling, professional caller ID (with real-time language translation), low per-minute rates on international calling rates for people who want to stay connected when traveling abroad. People use Google Voice as a potential replacement for their landline or mobile service depending on what they need.

How do I get a Google Voice Number?

Google Voice is a service that provides voice and messaging services. It is a free service offered by the company Google and the service is available for U.S. and Canadian residents.

A Google Voice number can be obtained by downloading the Google Voice app from Google Play or iTunes Store, or alternatively, by logging into your Gmail account on the web interface and going to Settings > Phone, there you will find an option to add a new phone number to your account.

Do I need to have the internet to use my Google Voice Number?

A Google Voice Number is a phone number that you can use to make and receive calls, send and receive texts, and forward your calls to any U.S. or Canada phone numbers to your cell, home, or work phones.

Google Voice Numbers do not require internet access in order to work because they are based on voice over IP (VOIP) technology. This means the service has the ability to route its traffic through the internet as well as over wireless networks.